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Bring HKRS to Your Town

Are you interested in starting a Healthy Kids Running Series in your town?
For more information and ways to bring Healthy Kids Running Series to your town, please view the HKRS Implementation Kit. We are currently accepting new towns to begin during Spring 2018.

Healthy Kids Running Series is a franchise model which provides a complete turnkey program to its Community Coordinators. With our in-house staff, HKRS allows Community Coordinators the opportunity to become leaders in their community by establishing a youth running program with a proven track record. No matter the size or location of your community, HKRS is growing and soon will be a national program with locations across the country.


“HKRS is a race in a box. It comes with everything you need to setup, register, and put on the actual races. All you need is manpower! If you’ve never put on a race in your life, HKRS is the partner to help you put on a wonderful race series!” – Aaron Saft, Asheville, NC Community Coordinator

If you would like to get involved and help build an active lifestyle in your community, please contact Tamara Conan, Director of HKRS, by phone at 484-352-2729 or e-mail at tamara@pattisonsportsgroup.com.