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Picky Eaters

In a perfect world, our children’s plates would be a beautiful mix of fresh veggies, fruit, protein, and grains.  Kids would opt for a shiny apple rather than a bag of fruit snacks.  Sugar would be non-existent in their diets,

Brooke Magni

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Tips Tuesday! Legs up the wall!

Runners are weirdos.  Especially the long distance ones.  They do things like eating gels, running excessively long distances for a banana, and strangest of all, put their legs up a wall any chance they get.  Ever wondered why? Here’s you

Brooke Magni

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Step away from the sugar!

So Halloween is (finally) over, and hopefully you are coming out of your sugar coma.  Despite limiting sugar in your diet, you still might have major cravings for up to a week! Here are a few tips to kick the

Brooke Magni

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Cold busting smoothie

Fall means a lot of things, shorter days, raking leaves, and the inevitable colds.  This smoothie recipe form is a great way to get a few extra servings of vitamin A and C rich fruits and veggies to ward

Brooke Magni

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Hot Hydration Tips!

It’s the end of September and it’s still HOT!! While we all know that water is the way to go, sometimes that is just too boring and you need a change.  Kids can especially be vulnerable to packaging and pretty