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Back to school!

Fall is just around the corner- or it’s here if your children have already started school…and that means it’s time to get back into your routine.  One thing that may start dropping off as the days get shorter is the


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A lesson of pace

How do you pace your child? This is one of the most common questions that we as coordinators hear from our families.  This is certainly a difficult question to answer.  We can repeat over and over to our kids that


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Smart kids are fit kids!

Recently Runner’s World magazine published an article that proves what we have known all along…fit kids are smart kids! The article highlighted information that was found in an Illinois University study.  In the study, children studied four letter names and


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Taquito Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday is one of my children’s most favorite dinners of the week.  While tacos might not be considered health food, there are many variations that you can make into a guilt free dinner.  One of our newest favorites is