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The good kind of fat

Not all fats in our diets are created equal.  The fat that comes from highly processed foods like cheese curls is significantly different from the fat that comes from sources like nuts, plants, and fruits.  One of the best sources >> READ MORE
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Healthy Chocolate treats

Valentines day means hearts, cards, and of course chocolate! This year you can skip the big red heart box, and make your own healthy chocolate treats! Ingredients: sliced of frozen banana Nut butter of your choice 2 cups dark chocolate >> READ MORE
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Egg Muffins

Everyone hates Mondays.  Back to school, back to work, ugh.  Especially cold, dark Mondays.  One little way to make your Monday morning a little better is with a warm, healthy breakfast.  A super easy breakfast that you can whip up >> READ MORE
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Real food for real families

Every family I know tends to struggle with mealtime.  Weather it’s finding time to actually sit down together, or menu planning, it can be a real issue.  One of our new year’s resolutions has been to do a better job >> READ MORE